Co-curricular Activities



teacher Natalie Haas
R120/month (1 class per week)

In Music Box we work with different types of music and percussion instruments.  Playing and learning the different techniques of percussion instruments helps towards enabling your child to continue on the path to formal music training.


Growing Pro's 

teacher Alain Beulecke
R65/month (1 class per week)

Play is the natural form of learning for children because through playing they acquire vital skills.  GrowingPros intends to build on this natural form of learning by focusing on integrating play with physical development which will benefit the child both inside and outside the classroom. A child’s overall growth and wellbeing is determined by their emotional, social and physical development and can influence the young adult they will become.



teacher Meryl Bailey
R90/month (1 class per week)

ZuluMites is the first activities-based language programme offering weekly isiZulu classes. Our lessons are conducted entirely in isiZulu by experienced facilitators in a small class environment, where every aspect of the activity is geared towards teaching the child language in a fun and memorable way.

Extra-Murals – Extracurricular

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Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Kids coding
Little Kickers
Swimming (Little Life Gaurds)
Ministry of Dance


Grade's 1-3

CAPS registered and compliant

Personalized education (one-on-one)